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Face to Face with Children
Joel Kanter

Face to Face with Children

(London, Karnac Books, 2004)

This book presents the life and work of one of the leading British social workers of the 20th century. The wife of Donald Winnicott, an analysand of Melanie Klein, a wartime innovator in helping evacuated children, a teacher and mentor to a generation of British social workers and a gifted psychoanalyst, Clare Winnicott's life encompassed a remarkable richness of relationships and accomplishments. The introduction, by Joel Kanter, provides an unprecedented overview of her life, profiling her gifted family, her wartime experiences, her marriage to Donald Winnicott, her stormy analysis with Melanie Klein, and her leadership in child care and social work. This life story is elaborated by previously unpublished transcripts of Clare's own lectures and interviews, where she discusses her life, her career and her husband.

The remainder of the volume includes over two dozen papers and other materials including articles, book chapters , case notes and letters, on an array of topics. For all concerned with children-in­ need, these materials offer an eloquent integration of the child's inner world and the external realities of loss, separation and trauma. Using this comprehensive perspective, Clare's writings provide professionals with pragmatic strategies for assisting parents and other caregivers in the difficult challenge of creating and sustaining facilitating environments for troubled children.

'Clare Winnicott believed that childcare social workers should be able to communicate with what she called "the inner world of children". She showed that social workers who spent time with and who could relate with, play with, and talk with children could enable them to deal with their difficulties. Joel Kanter should be thanked for so carefully and clearly bringing Clare Winnicott back to the notice of the world of social work.'

(Dr Bob Holman, Visiting professor in social policy at the Universities of Glasgow and Swansea.)


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