Psychoanalysis, differently

After The Worst Ennemies of Psychoanalysis and The Best Friends of Psychoanalysis Prado de Oliveira turns to the Hungarian psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi (1873-1933). Prado considers Ferenczi to be the most paradoxical disciple of Freud for being both close and critical, loyal and original (originality often being considered as a flaw in psychoanalytic institutions), methodical and ebullient. Not only in theory. Ferenczi is maybe best known for his experimental practice, described in his clinical diaries.

Prado’s book retraces the theoretical and personal evolution of Ferenczi, closely following his writings and his correspondence with Freud. Amongst others, Ferenczi was one of the true founders of analytic training and a constant inspiration for analysts like Melanie Klein, Michael Balint, Lacan and Winnicott: “Ferenczi was the psychoanalyst who taught us to question all our certainties.”

One comment

    • Lacan, 1953 : « Sachez que je fais toujours une grande part dans mon enseignement à la lignée spirituelle de Ferenczi. »
    • Lacan, 1955 : « Ferenczi est "l’auteur que l’on retrouve à la source de tout ce qui s’est dit de pertinent sur la fonction de la personne de l’analyste dans le traitement. »
    • Lacan, 1974 : « Ferenczi n'est quand même pas un modèle… »
    • Prado, 2011 : « Ferenczi, la psychanalyse autrement – Armand Colin

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